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**Why does my “accountant” always make me feel like an idiot

Posted on 30/10/20 at 01:22 PM

I have had a few interactions now where I walk away and feel like: ❇️ I have done something wrong… read more

**Do we underestimate the importance of people skills in Finance❓**

Posted on 12/08/20 at 04:20 PM

“Being the best accountant or technician is only half the story.” - Hiltrud Dorothea Werner. I found this out the… read more

**Are you deadline-driven or people-driven❓**

Posted on 27/07/20 at 03:12 PM

Sometimes deadline-driven leaders forget to pay attention to the people around them. They miss the conflict, miss spotting social loafing… read more

Transformational leadership shifts for the new paradigm

Posted on 12/07/20 at 03:02 PM

We all know that we can’t go back to the way things were, especially in #leadership. We need leaders that… read more
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Remote Leadership: The Five easiest ways to mess up

Posted on 23/06/20 at 12:19 PM

We all mess up at some stage in our lives. If you are a parent or a leader, that feeling… read more
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"Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders" #8

Posted on 27/05/20 at 03:28 PM

“The team dynamic has changed – Leader, did you notice?” The #teamdynamics in our teams have changed and will never… read more
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