Talita is an experienced international speaker and has addressed the Accenture International Women’s Day, HR Grapevine, CFO Rising, Inclusive Leadership Network, Institute of Directors Chartered Director Day, An Inspirational Journey, The Pipeline, HRD Directors Summit 2017, Future Insight Forum, BMW Rad Hub , IOD Advance, Career Girl Academy, VW Integrity and Legal Affairs conference to name but a few of the events where she has spoken. She is a positive activist for transformational change and believes in helping individuals to grow and develop beyond their own expectations, while creating a business environment, which allows managers to be authentic, inspirational leaders. She invites you to read her first book and be inspired to join the revolution of authentic change, which the world needs right now!

Accenture Annual International Women’s event

Talita was a breath of fresh air on the stage panel at our annual International Women’s event. She has the innate ability to hold an inclusive yet challenging debate whilst remaining true to her core values. It was refreshing to hear her candid, insightful and humorous perspectives on authenticity and why this is critical in leadership today as well as important to our well being as individuals. We had lots of fantastic feedback from the audience thanks to Talita!

Zahra Bahrololoumi, Accenture Managing Director UK and Ireland Human Capital and Diversity

Future Insights Forum

what a mind-blowing presentation” I and others really enjoyed and learned from.”

Terry Hodgkinson,


VW Integrity and Legal Affairs conference, Germany February 2018

“The speech by Ms Ferreira was the absolute highlight! Inspiring and encouraging.”

„… a great event with enough time for networking and with a great key note speech!”

“Talita, your key note at our Volkswagen Group (Integrity and LegalAffairs) employee meeting is still in a lot of people’s minds. Thanks again, also for your article. You are one of the most inspiring persons I know. Keep going.”

Hiltrud Werner, Member of the Board of Management Volkswagen AG

BMW Rad Hub event Munich 2017

Talita is one of the most authentic people I know. She doesn’t only talk about what she believes in, she demonstrably lives it and is an inspiration for anyone who gets to know her. As a highly talented speaker she also knows how to engage an audience hanging on her lips. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she is a true role model for people trying to re-discover their own authentic self, especially in their working life. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you connect with her and the many other influencers in her network to get yourself a dose of unmistakable Talita-tonic!

Michaela Gilg, BMW AG Group Communications

IOD ADvance: Insight workshop 2017

It was truly inspiring. It reminded me so much of the importance of recognising fulfilment rather than just focussing on achievement. After all, for me fulfilment comes from respecting and enjoying the journey rather then merely seeking happiness in the destination. I believe this will surely gather momentum until it is embraced by so many of us that it reaches a critical mass.

Anthony Feilden, Director: Psychologist , Resilient Mindset Ltd.

Institute of Directors, 2017

“Talita delivers thought provoking content for senior executives that draws on intensive research for her books and career experience with one of the world’s leading prestige brands.”

John Palmer, CEO, exec4

Women in Business event

Talita spoke at our “Women in Business” themed event as part of the Electric week celebration at BMWi on Park Lane. We felt she was a perfect collaborator for the occasion because her evident passion for inspirational leadership, diversity of thought and constructive challenging of the status quo, complimented the visionary and forward looking theme of our evening. Her story of international success in such a fast moving sector was of much interest to and had great resonance for those present.

Mark Worthington, former Managing Director, BMW Park Lane Ltd