The Founder and CEO
Talita Ferreira is a thought leader and change-maker, who is passionate about living in true authenticity, purpose-driven collaboration and harnessing diversity of thought. As a young child, she experienced two traumatic events, which influenced her life when her father and brother died in unrelated incidences. These events triggered Talita’s journey of discovery, firstly to understand what motivated her as an individual and later in corporate life, as an inspirational leader, where she found it extremely important to stay true to her inner authentic self.

She has written her first book to share her experiences of working with thousands of leaders and teams in multiple industries during her business life and to provide her insights and learning from these encounters. Talita’s passion is in understanding motivation and self-development to bring out each individual’s best qualities.

Talita is an entrepreneur, business owner, non-executive director and experienced C-Suite executive who has chosen to step out of full-time corporate life. She values ethics and socially-responsible business and believes in:

  • creating supportive organisational cultures through transformational change;
  • respecting difference;
  • focussing on authenticity as an enabler for true diversity of thought and inclusion; and
  • fostering higher levels of acceptance for diversity and difference, for the benefit of all.

Working within globally-established brands including KPMG, Investec and BMW in England, Germany and South Africa, Talita developed her authentic, inspirational leadership approach. As a qualified Chartered Accountant(FCA) and consultant with KPMG, Talita’s corporate experience began in the South African banking sector before she pursued a career in the automotive and financial services industry at BMW, becoming the CFO of BMW Financial Services in 2005 and the CFO of BMW UK in 2013. Talita joined Ford Credit Europe Bank Plc in February 2019 as a non-executive director(Audit Chair). She became a Chartered Director in 2013 and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors in 2018. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce Law (Cum Laude).

She has an excellent track record for delivering inspirational leadership to drive business through the human capital and back office of an organisation, for introducing strategic change, developing talent and organisational values and establishing proper risk management and compliance structures. She was nominated for the Business Leader of the Year 2016 awards and was a finalist in the Rising Star 2018 awards, for the South African Chamber of Commerce in the UK.