The Founder and CEO

For over 25 years, Talita Ferreira has been a leader in driving transformational change and developing new leadership paradigms for global brands in multiple industries. Her extensive experience leading and inspiring finance, back office, and “people”/HR teams has allowed her to become an expert in helping leaders reinvent and adapt their leadership style and team approach to become more impactful and transformational leaders.

Talita is a seasoned C-Suite executive, Non-Executive Director, Chair of Audit, Chartered Director, consultant, author, leadership trainer, and international speaker. She has worked with global brands, including KPMG, Investec Bank, BMW, Tandem Bank and still works for The Institute of Directors, Ford Credit Europe Bank Plc and Henry Boot Plc, just to name a few(http://bit.ly/TalitaL)

As the former CFO and CHRO of BMW UK Ltd. and BMW Financial Services Ltd., Talita has led and implemented award-winning cultural transformation programmes in multiple industries. In 2016, Talita published her first book, “The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved®”, and she is currently writing her second book, “Seven Shifts to the Transformation of Great Leadership”, based on the research from her interview series, Global Leadership Hypothesis - What Makes a Great Leader.

Talita is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a fellow of the Institute of Directors (IOD). She is a trainer for directors at the IOD, delivering strategy, finance, and leadership training. Talita has also created “Finance Inspired 4 Success”, a training platform for finance professionals to improve leadership and team dynamics.

With an impressive track record of delivering inspirational leadership to drive business through an organisation’s human capital and back office, Talita is committed to introducing strategic change, developing talent and organizational values, and establishing proper risk management and compliance structures.