Did you get all the issues out on the table❓

Posted on 25/05/21 at 10:47 AM

There is often something deeper going on, and it is up to us as leaders to unlock what it is.

I remember so many one-to-one conversations where my intuition was shouting that something else was going on.

In my early career, I did not trust this. I wanted to do everything in an analytical way – fact and figures. The more I self-developed, the more I learnt that not trusting my gut would be a huge mistake.

This week we release the third chronicle and a story where Anders Liu-Lindberg shows genuine openness and vulnerability to share a “not so great story” for others to reflect on, from the 1st conversation of #globalleadershiphypothesis – what makes a great leader.

Food for thought – the power of great questions and getting to the bottom of things

The power of “why” – Why did you proceed in that way? (understanding no blaming).

Where am I falling short? So, I can learn, grow and develop as a leader.

If something bothers you – ask why? Get it all out on the table.

How can I get to the next level? Don’t tell me I’m great, and then you don’t help me to get to the next level.

Which other great questions do you regularly ask or reflect on?

Take your leadership to the next level

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