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Our CPD courses are accredited by the UK CPD Standards Office

Undertaking relevant and regular CPD is an important way for you to stay abreast of new developments and best practice. Most professionals lead busy stressful lives and cannot take time out of their hectic schedules to maintain their CPD for the year. We understand this issue and have created a simple solution by building an online training platform

Transformation for inspired leaders. We understand the challenges finance leaders face. We can help you thrive in your career and through challenging times by helping to transform your leadership and team approach. You can unlock your full potential and have a greater impact as a leader.

We currently offer three CPD accredited courses with Talita Ferreira and other subject matter experts in the unique ‘See it, do it, share it’© format:

  • How to unlock value through business partnering with Anders Liu-Lindberg
  • Create a Team Purpose that will anchor, bond and connect your team for success
  • Increase your performance through creativity and innovation - the new mindset needed for a digital world with Prof. Jamie Anderson

We also offer free courses - Accessible after you sign up to our training platform FinanceInspired4Success

  • Learn to facilitate your team with ease for greater impact, collaboration and team engagement with Sarah Baxter
  • A journey from analytical professional to inspired leader - Talita’s career journey
  • Leader’s survival guide - A toolkit filled with practical solutions and exercises

Face-to-Face(F2F) Training

In-house bespoke training and workshops

Our courses and workshops are designed to:

  • Help individuals grow and facilitate change within organisations
  • Provide a mix of practical experience and interactive activities
  • Provide opportunities to network
  • Incorporate leading thinking regarding leadership and change
  • Unlock value by using facilitators and trainers with years of practical experience in the relevant field

Masterclasses to help leaders thrive in challenging times, unlock individual and collective team performance

All our masterclasses are tailored to suit your team’s individual situation. The classes are either offered individually as 90-minute individual sessions or as a series.

How to lead in a crisis

  • The power of introspection and focus to ensure calm and just enough optimism
  • Engaging with vulnerability, empathy, values and integrity
  • How to engage the team and work differently to weather the storm
  • The essentials of crisis communication and development
  • Strategies to help with decision making and ensure that everyone feels heard

Remote working – how to keep your team focused on deliverables

  • How to deal with the fears of output management
  • Virtual engagement – what to do and not to do
  • Technology, creativity and innovation can support creating a remote culture
  • Structuring your day to be effective

A mindset to support agility, constant change, uncertainty and resilience

  • Understand why mindset and how we show up as leaders is important in times of change and the difference a growth mindset can make
  • Distinguish the various leadership competencies required for a VUCA world
  • Understand the importance of self-awareness and the elements required for resilience

Engaging our teams for greater energy, trust and confidence through using a shared purpose

  • Experience some of the current research regarding motivation and high performance
  • Understand how to anchor team performance and direction through purpose in times of volatility
  • Distinguish between the various elements of the Simon Sinek model and how these resonate with different parts of the brain
  • Distinguish between various activities that assist in creating energy, inspiration, psychological safety and high performance

Change leadership

  • Understand the critical elements to adopt change and maximize change readiness
  • Distinguish between traditional change management and next-generation change leadership
  • Understand why change traditionally fails and the roles and communication that are critical to the success

Understand where you are on your own journey of change in uncertain times (very interactive with prework) – only run as part of the series following webinar three.

  • Evaluate how you are showing up to leadership and being with your team
  • Understand how to inspire greater team engagement and impact
  • Distinguish between the various elements of resilience in change and how to build more for yourself
  • Explore your own impact and areas of future focus
  • We offer in-house bespoke training on Authenticity, Transformational Change, Business Partnering, Leading in Turbulent times and many more bespoke team engagement activities.

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