Leadership is about ditching self-interest and focusing on people

Posted on 14/06/21 at 01:04 PM

Ensuring that those one to one conversations with individuals are meaningful, high-value moments where the individual feels like the centre of your universe.

Food for thought. Crucial elements in leadership - it’s all about people:

Enabling teams and individuals to perform

Building personal relationships

Relationships that give & enable things to happen

Focus on individuals

Helping individuals deliver on their priorities

Problem-solving with the team

Early communication to teams

Communication about what you are involved in as the leader

Negative leadership behaviours to avoid


Hierarchy building

Enforcer-governor relationships & attitudes

This week we release the eighth leadership chronicle and a story of success and failure shared by Christopher Argent from the 3rd conversation of #globalleadershiphypothesis - what makes a great leader.

Which other negative behaviours should a leader avoid❓

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