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#36 Three Pillars to Thrive - Talita Ferreira

Life Beyond The Numbers Podcast
30th March 2021
...understand how powerful the people dimension is and how investing more time in it, more growth and development, more attention to it earlier you can up your game and you can do much more successful projects and bigger projects." Talita Ferreira. Talita's passion is to change the business world one analytical professional at a time and starts us off with a story about how she learned to adapt her style for individuals and learnt to be vulnerable and trust her team and specialists. Talita has recently undertaken a global leadership hypothesis project and interviewed a diverse cohort of individuals to look for patterns or red threads. From this she has come up with three pillars we can focus on in order to thrive as a leader or as a professional - your specialism, your growth and development and growing and developing together as a team. We talk through the five archetypes of a leader she created following these interviews. We also cover psychological safety, trust, innovation and going beyond a pure profit dimension. For more than 25 years, Talita Ferreira has led and inspired either finance, back office, or “people”/HR teams, helping to transform team culture, drive and inspire change, develop new leadership paradigms for global brands and has led and implemented award-winning cultural transformation programmes in multiple industries. She is the former CFO and CHRO of BMW UK Ltd. and BMW Financial Services Ltd. and is an experienced C-Suite executive, Non-Executive Director, Chair of Audit, Chartered Director, consultant, author, leadership trainer and International speaker. She specialises in helping leaders reinvent or adapt their leadership style and team approach to be more impactful, transformational leaders and change the business world one analytical professional at a time.
06 BMW Group Financial Services | With Talita Ferreira, Former CFO

25th March 2021
Talita is the founder and CEO of Authentic Change Solutions, where she helps individuals to become better, more effective leaders. Prior to launching her own venture, she spent more than 11 years with BMW Group Financial Services, where she worked her way up to CFO before the age of 35.
“There are precious insights to be gained”

February 2021
For more than 25 years Talita Ferreira has led and inspired either finance or “people”/HR teams, helping to transform team culture, driving, and inspiring change and developing new leadership paradigms for global brands in multiple industries. Specialising in helping leaders reinvent or adapt their leadership style, she talks about her experience of The Management Shift Accreditation Programme for Coaches.
5 bad habits to avoid when leading remotely

Management Today
1 June 2020
In a crisis, it can be hard to recognise when you've taken your eye off the ball. by Talita Ferreira
5 bad leadership habits to avoid when managing a team remotely

Conference & Incentive Travel
1th June 2020
Don't let certain behaviours slip into your leadership style unchecked, says CEO of Authentic Change Solutions.
My Blog - Finance Inspired 4 Success

Talita Ferreira

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Talita Ferreira: Leading in a Crisis

ex2 Academy
16 April 2020
Talita has recently changed her material from Leading in Turbulent Times to Leading in a Crisis, advising Leaders on how to best deal with the challenges of isolation, remote teams, and challenging times
Finance Leaders Symposium 2019

Accountancy SA
June 2019
In late April, SAICA hosted its inaugural Finance Leaders Symposium at the main Convention Centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The event was all about the future of finance and personal leadership development The first Finance Leaders Symposium attracted hundreds of senior finance people to the events, as well as over 60 dynamic speakers and many corporate sponsors and exhibitors, with ABSA as the headline partner.
Becoming an Authentic Leader

BMW Foundation/TwentyThirty
6th February 2018
Talita Ferreira left the corporate sector after more than 20 years to promote what she believes is missing in leadership today: authenticity. In this article, she explains how it can unleash the potential of leaders and what role the Sustainable Development Goals can play in business.
Fleet Life meets Talita Ferreira

The Big Little Magazine Company
October 2017
Talita Ferreira - entrepeneur, published author and professional accountant before taking the leap and setting up her own business.
The Duality in the Crown

Issue 156 -
October 2017
Could it be that organisations - or more specifically - HR, have yet to master the art of duality? Duality is the instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts and the art of embracing - as working theory - both concepts, although seemingly opposed and simultaneously preparing for multiple outcomes. Duality is the new requirement for survival in this exceptional challenging time, which is characterised by such volatility and uncertainty
The Authentic Change Journey – purpose and people led, with authenticity at its heart to unlock success

Talita Ferreira
1 June 2017
Generally, when we think about organisational change, we think about a process, even if subconsciously and mostly, we think about a change process led from the top down. This is normally either a change process initiated by a new company strategy or a new leadership team, or a necessity due to a tactical response to external influences
Coming to Terms with Your Authentic Power

Aaron Fried
June 2017
One of an exclusive series of video interviews - an online masterclass for The Authentic Life Summit
Interview with Talita Ferreira: Authenticity and the building the workforce of 2020

Leonie Mercedes - HRD Connect
4 April 2017
Today’s increased interconnectivity and an ever-accelerating rate of technological innovation calls upon a host of new skills, talents and capabilities from the future workforce. However, the anxiety brought on by this very connectedness and the demands of modern life could stymie progress. According to Talita Ferreira, former CFO of BMW UK and founder and CEO of HR consultancy Authentic Change Solutions, embracing authenticity is key to creating happier, more creative and productive individuals. We caught up with Ferreira for a chat about her research into authenticity and its importance in building the workforces of tomorrow.
Talita Ferreira discusses the key lessons in leadership

IOD Director
13th February 2017
An interview with Talita Ferreira by Hannah Gresty
Member profile: Talita Ferreira

8th February 2017
An interview with Talita Ferreira by Xenia Taliotis
Forget about ‘legacy people’, the real problem is ‘legacy managers’

Arturo Pallardó
6th February 2017
More and more leaders are talking about the advent of the so-called 4th industrial revolution, but not all of them are implementing the necessary changes to keep up with it. This is especially relevant for big multinationals, which face the tension of having to rethink their strategy, their corporate culture and their leadership behaviours, even though their current models are still producing good results. Today we talk about these and other issues with Talita Ferreira, former CFO of BMW UK and founder and CEO of Authentic Change Solutions. After more than 11 years in CFO roles in the automotive and financial services industries — and more than 22 years in corporate business — she decided to establish the UK’s first Academy of Authentic Change and start an authenticity revolution. Her new book, “The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved”, is really worth a read.
HRD 2017 Keynote

HR Director Summit
31st January 2017
Multiple changes in world of work that will face us over the coming years. The World Economic Forum predicts a Fourth industrial revolution; resulting in empathy required as the one of the top three business leadership skills. The impact of millennials and the longevity of the workforce will demand tiered employee engagement strategies to ensure success. A higher level of adaptability and mental agility will be required from future leaders. These leaders are already ‘suffering’ from the ‘always on’ syndrome. No wonder well-being and health issues are increasingly important within organisations. The above challenges can be solved with a redefinition of authenticity; where we become more connected and conscious and intuition and purpose are at the heart of what we do.
Successful Women in Business - Coral Edition

Lovely Silks Publishing
27 January 2017
Keeping my Feminine Identity - Being Authentically Me. "I believe we live in a state of doing, characterised by the ego, fear, limiting self belief, minimising exposure and trying to control situations."
Launch of Talita's Book

Talita Ferreira
16th January 2017
n a rapidly changing world, the race to stay on top in our careers and professional life has meant we often leave behind both the person we are and the person we want to be. In this, her first book, author and businesswoman Talita Ferreira explains why we all need to remain true to our authentic selves or risk burning out and shows just how we can all act authentically - creating a meaningful change and re-connection - within our workplaces, both as individuals and as part of a bigger organisation.
Ex- BMW CFO on how finding yourself is the key to success and happiness

Dunstans Publishing Limited
8 January 2017
Ex- BMW CFO on how finding yourself is the key to success and happiness.
Talita Ferreira of Authentic Change Solutions on the importance of authenticity in the workplace

HRD Connect
20 December 2016
Talita Ferreira, founder and CEO of Authentic Change Solutions Limited and former CFO of BMW, lays out the biggest challenges and opportunities currently facing HR, and the importance of authenticity in the workplace.
The Life-Changing Routine Successful Women Swear By

Career Girl Daily
3rd December 2016
An interview with Talita Ferreira by Beth
Talita interviewed about BMW's next 100 years when she was the CFO

Business Grapevine - Calum Di Lieto
21 October 2016
Talita Ferreira talks about BMW’s ‘Next 100 years’ and how culture and leadership is vital to success. BMW celebrated its 100th birthday in 2016 and so, in an exclusive video interview with Business Grapevine, Ferreira talks about the company’s future for the next century.
Sixty-second selfie: BMW's CFO, Talita Ferreira

Business Grapevine - Calum Di Lieto
20th October 2016
An interview with Talita Ferreira by Jake Matthews
A CFO Interview

Finance Monthly
26th August 2016
An interview with Talita Ferreira by Katinahristova
Interview: BMW Group UK Limited CFO Talita Ferreira

Financial Director magazine
30th March 2016
Interview on how her role has comes to include strategy, change, employee engagement and all the finance parts by Chris Warmoll
Developing an internal brand that celebrates authenticity

Employer Brand Management conference 2015
9th December 2015
Transform Magazine


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