Tailored talks

Keynote talks include the following:

  1. Why culture matters - The new C-Suite POWER
  2. The leadership differentiator in challenging times.
  3. My transformational journey; from analytical finance professional to inspirational leader.
  4. Living and leading from our authentic POWER.
  5. A new mindset for effective change leadership.
  6. Authentic leaders; authentic cultures.

1. Why culture matters - The new C-Suite POWER

  • Most CEOs agree that their current business models are being disrupted.
  • However, many CEOs believe they do not have the right team to focus on innovation for the future as opposed to business as usual.
  • Culture is becoming increasingly important to provide organisations with a leading edge.
  • ‘Business being a force for good’ is a term more frequently used now than ever before.
  • This new approach to business is also what motivates employees to give discretionary effort and ensure more value is added to the bottom line profit.
  • It is time to extend the triple Ps of: Profit; Planet; and People, to include: Passion; Partnership; and Purpose.
  • Research has shown that organisations, which focus on people and purpose, are set to dominate future growth.
  • Talita demonstrates how to embark on this journey of change, to transform the mindset of the C-Suite, for sustained future organisational profitability and growth.

2. The leadership differentiator in challenging times

  • Currently, there are multiple changes in the world of work that will face us in the next 5 to 10 years.
  • The World Economic Forum predicts a Fourth Industrial Revolution requiring different skillsets from leaders.
  • The impact of Millennials and the longevity of the workforce will demand a new innovative approach.
  • A higher level of adaptability and mental agility will be required from leaders to face this pace of change.
  • Authenticity can be the differentiator for company cultures and individuals, helping them to face the challenges of the future by becoming more self-aware and connecting with other people in a deeper, more meaningful way to create previously unheard of partnerships.

3. My transformational journey; from analytical finance professional to inspirational leader

  • The two pinnacles for organisational success and great business leadership are executing strategy effectively and creating engaged organisational cultures.
  • Underlying both these pinnacles are individual and organisational purpose and a wider perspective on authenticity, cognitive diversity and respect for difference.
  • Generally, CFOs don’t struggle with the analytical perspective and support the strategy execution with relative ease.
  • A greater challenge for CFOs is the wider perspective on business collaboration and creating the ideal culture.
  • Transforming and changing an organisation successfully for the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is more difficult.
  • Through her multicultural journey in the financial services and automotive industries, Talita demonstrates how she inspired and changed her technical mindset to a more humane approach; helping to transform organisations and growing, developing and inspiring her team to leave a lasting cultural legacy.

4. Living and leading from our authentic POWER

  • Authenticity, as redefined in Talita’s book, The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved® can help individuals to: face the challenges of the future; become more self-aware; and connect with other people in a deeper, more meaningful way to create new partnerships.
  • By applying our authentic POWER of: Presence; Overcoming fear; the Whole integrated being; Effortless flow; and Resonance, we can unlock our full potential and live our greatest passion and purpose every day.
  • Talita takes the audience on a journey with practical examples, anecdotes and experiences from her own career and interactions with thousands of leaders.

5. A new mindset for effective change leadership

  • Our legacy change story can be holding us back from transforming effectively.
  • When we consider the current leading thinking on leadership challenges, it is time for a mindset change.
  • By starting with ourselves and becoming more aware of our role in the change process, we can adapt more effectively and inspire other people to change.
  • Organisational or individual change always commences from where we are now.
  • Taking small incremental steps each day can prepare us better for innovation and change.
  • Practical examples on how to consider these small daily changes to ensure an adaptive, lasting approach to change.

6. Authentic leaders; authentic cultures

  • Great leaders are no longer defined by command and control, or competitive behaviours.
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires leaders who are mentally agile, creative and relate well to other people.
  • They form great, new partnerships and are emotionally intelligent.
  • They understand themselves and how to unlock their inner authentic POWER, before they drive change and inspire other people.
  • Authentic cultures allow individuals to bring more of themselves to the workplace to ensure higher collaboration, innovation and organisational success.

Cyprus ICPAC 2018
HRD 2017
Finance Leaders Symposium 2019