Office Show 2018 - The New Leadership Differentiator - Authentic POWER

Date: Thursday 1st March 13:00pm - 13:45pm

Location: Keynote Theatre, Grand Hall Gallery, Olympia London

There are multiple changes in world of work that will face us in the next five to ten years. The World Economic Forum predicts a Fourth industrial revolution requiring different skills from leaders, e.g. emotional intelligence, creativity and cognitive flexibility. Traditional masculine paradigms are being replaced by feminine architypes; collaboration and empathy. Authenticity, as redefined in ‘The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved®’, can be the differentiator for company cultures and individuals helping them to face the challenges of the future; become more self-aware and connect with others in a deeper, more meaningful way to create partnerships that are unheard of. Through authentic POWER (an acronym for - presence, overcoming fear, the whole integrated being, effortless flow and resonance) we unlock our full potential and live our greatest passion and purpose every day.

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Authenticity Resolved speaker image