IOD Advance: Insight Workshop on “Why organisational culture matters”?

Date: 18 July 2018

Location: IOD Pall Mall London

  • Most CEOs agree that their current business models are being disrupted.
  • However, many CEOs believe they do not have the right team to focus on innovation for the future as opposed to business as usual.
  • Culture is becoming increasingly important to provide organisations with a leading edge.
  • Research has shown that organisations, which focus on people and purpose, are set to dominate future growth.
  • It is time to extend the triple Ps of: Profit; Planet; and People, to include: Passion; Partnership; and Purpose.

What can attendees expect from the session?

  • Understand what culture is and how to influence it.
  • Use a framework to demonstrate how directors can influence and shape culture.
  • Understand the director’s responsibility in leading culture and being an active steward.
  • Become familiar with research published by Harvard Business review regarding 8 types of cultures.

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