Date: 25 October 2018

Location: Webinar - The Outperformer

“Condescending” “Patronising” - Is this the brand we want?

Two words that are used to describe finance leaders by the non-finance leadership community, captured in our recent research survey. Of course, this is not all a reflection of all in finance, but too common not to take notice.

Talita Ferreira, ex CFO of BMW UK & Ireland understands the shift in reputation well. Once a finance leader who often could overpower the business with intellect, deep knowledge of the numbers and a capacity to quickly find an answer, she soon realisedthat her business were allies, not competitors. Adopting a new approach in her role at BMW, her leadership thrived, as did her passion for the change she was able to deliver. This lead to her following this passion in a different way, launching Authentic Change Solutions.

In this webinar, they explored:

  • The risk finance leaders can fall into by assuming the business are ‘idiots’
  • The importance of empathy, and how to demonstrate this as a finance leader
  • Strategies for elevating personal leadership in a busy finance function.
  • Consciously changing your finance brand to improve effectiveness


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