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It’s a blueprint for assembling life’s jigsaw and achieving equilibrium and wellbeing.

Leadership in the boardroom of the current day is often spent “managing” ie fighting fires, running to stay in the same place. We “switch on” our professional selves for the working week and look for “down time” over weekends, just to revert to being ourselves. A number of bestsellers promise to unlock it but the holy grail of work lifebalance and “success” continues to remain elusive. In a fascinating piece of work titled “The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved: Unleashing Your Passion and Purpose to Live More Authentically” Talita Ferreira digs deeper under the bonnet, drawing on her extensive corporate executive leadership and poignant personal life experiences to share a powerful paradigm shift in leadership best practice-how authenticity holds the key to a better integrated environment for people and business to find true purpose and achieve enriching, sustainable success built on lasting relationships. Using her simple personal style, Talita strikes a chord with managers and leaders grappling with the pressures of the modern day “connected” world. This one isn’t just for your coffee table or mantelpiece, it’s a blueprint for assembling life’s jigsaw and achieving equilibrium and wellbeing.

Anjanish Shekhar , Data Inc UK, Senior Vice President, Country Head EMEA
25 September 2017

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Talita’s book helped me “learning to let go of my ego and connect to the inner self"

“I read this book whilst feeling trapped and unappreciated in my job. The dilemma was that I was far from my true self at work and in a constant fighting mode. Talita’s book helped me “learning to let go of my ego and connect to the inner self” and encouraged me to be the same person at work as I am at home. Once I started to apply Talita’s guidance e.g. to learn to apologise and how to suspend judgement, my surroundings at work started to react differently towards me. Encouraged by these small steps I continued to my journey to become and act truly authentic, which completely transformed my working environment. Thanks to this book, I am today a happier and more balanced woman working in a male dominated industry.”

Margaret Hunter
11 September 2017

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I highly recommend this book!

Many research studies confirm that finding meaning in life leads to happiness, finding meaning at work leads to engagement and finding a higher purpose for an organisation leads to its sustainable success. Talita’s book can help individuals and organisations to discover and unleash their true purpose, live meaningful life and make a difference for the world. Her Authenticity POWER Model is a powerful model to live and work by, based on a combination of her exceptional wisdom, thoughts, practical experience and desire to make this world a better place. I highly recommend this book!”

Vlatka Hlupic, global thought leader and an award-winning author of “The Management Shift” book
8 October 2017

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Absolutely Must Read; a thought-provoking, perceptive and significant contribution to the world

I highly recommend you read this perceptive and inspirational new book. It’s clear and easy to read format provides us all, with a much needed new way of defining ourselves and how we live in such a complex and rapidly changing world. It gives us a unique model to understanding ourselves better and knowing how to live a purpose-driven and intuition-based life, despite the chaos going on around us. In fact, reading this book during what has been a year of transition for me, has helped me to be brave and unlock my true purpose and live the life I actually want to create, with the courage to be myself, with everyone, everywhere, all the time. This is a well-structured, beautifully presented guidebook for living in the new world; for our everyday lives, our relationships and our businesses; with a meaningful and powerful foundation. The launch of this new book has, in my view, already created a Ripple Effect of authentic change in the world, where respecting differences and helping other people - inclusively - is at its heart. It resonants with my purpose and I know it will touch the hearts of many other people - especially other change-makers - all across the globe.

Wendy Yorke
16th December 2016
5 stars
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I love this book from the very start

It is perfect if you are working in a corporate and wondering why you don’t feel completely satisfied with your career OR if you are simply looking for a greater connection in your life. Amazingly honest and personal account along with sound insight in to the world we live in today. Worth all the 5 stars!

Amazon Customer
December 2016
5 stars
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For anyone who wants to reach their full potential and help others reach theirs.

This thought provoking book highlights how we are living in a fast changing, complex and highly connected world. And whether we recognise it or not, we are all leaders. We are leading our kids, grand kids, family, friends, Facebook/Twitter followers, not just work colleagues. Our behaviour, conscious or unconscious, is constantly assessed by those around us. We impact on anyone that comes into our space, home or workplace. Even if we have the emotional intelligence to realise this, we can fall into the trap of wearing different faces to work, at home or down the pub.

Talita candidly shares her experience to demonstrate that by being as true to our authentic selves as possible, as often as possible, is highly rewarding for us and everyone around us. I also appreciated how Talita pulled in other contemporary strands such as mindfulness, compassionate leadership, the power of revealing our vunerability and being in ‘flow’. And how taking time to deeply understand your fellow humans can lead to powerful collaboration that transcends some long held diversity challenges.

Read this book if:
- you want to be a more effective leader in your family, community or workplace, where traditional alpha/command and control behaviour is becoming less effective and outmoded.
- you want to feel more grounded and content by aligning what you do every day to your ‘purpose’ and help build a more humane society.

8th December 2016
5 Stars
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Helen Lewis book review from

As an entrepreneur, as a woman, as a Mum, this book sings to me! Talita has a refreshingly positive but no-nonsense approach grounded in decades of high-level corporate experience. Her story of how she got to where she is today is not only inspiring but interesting. I learned so much from reading this book, not just about my opportunities for the future, but I’ve been able to be honest about where I’ve actually been struggling. It’s hard to admit that you wear a mask…either in work or at home, or in particular social circumstances. Being authentic, I’ve realised, is not a destination, it’s a journey. And this book helped clarify a lot in my head regarding my role as boss, colleague, client, employer, employee, mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend…Highly recommend this book to any man or woman who wants to become more self-aware in life generally (not just in work).

Helen Lewis
2nd December 2016
5 Stars
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