Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders #2

Posted on 17/04/20 at 12:12 PM

“Share more of yourself with your team to help create psychological safety”

Sharing more of ourselves with our teams can help to build trust. I don’t think there is a single #leader that is absolutely confident in these #turbulenttimes. Some leaders might be used to #virtualworking, but they are not used to #lockdown, spending days without going out and all the emotions that go with having our freedom impaired and financial uncertainties.

Sharing some of the #emotions we are feeling with our teams will give them permission to do the same.

Sharing how we feel and asking our teams to share how they feel can be a powerful connector. As leaders, we need to engage our #empathy and become more #curious about the #teamdynamics around us.

It is an opportunity to invite everyone to have an opinion and to participate.

Using questions/phrases like:

I would love to hear more about that…

Could you elaborate, please?

Are there any other perspectives – I would value hearing them?

The lockdown gives us an opportunity to share where we are, ask more about feelings, listen carefully and provide a safe space to share.

Do you know how your team is feeling today?

Do you have other questions to open up the conversation?

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