**The diary of a serial Finance Director (FD)**

Posted on 10/11/20 at 10:22 AM

What skills does a serial FD need to have?

What do I mean by serial CFO or FD? Someone that is not limited to one sector or industry and that moves around at a very senior Finance level between organisations over several years.

The crucial ingredients are to be agile, to love learning & continuous challenges.

I recently interviewed Guillaume Turlin, for the 21st video of the series “#GlobalLeadershipHypothesis – what makes a great leader?”

I asked him about the crucial ingredients:

❇️The ability to transform frustrations, or not understanding something into a positive like learning something new, solving a new challenge or supporting someone to add value (positive mindset).

❇️Always being curious to learn. Understanding that we might not be good at it yet, but that we can still learn and develop (displaying a learning and growth mindset).

❇️Nurturing relationships at all levels in organisations. Being able to learn from everyone, interact with anyone and see their innate value.

❇️Blending different skills to ensure success, e.g. digital- vs traditional ways of doing things.

Do you need to be more agile and have a learning approach in your role❓


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