**Do we dare to think differently in Finance❓**

Posted on 02/11/20 at 12:58 PM

Do we dare to focus on creating a tribe and learning from failure in finance?

Do you feel safe to say what you really think and be who you are?

Does your leader listen to you and create willing followers?

Do you feel like you are part of a journey that matters?

Does your team have the conditions (culture) that will help you achieve and grow?

Is your team more than the sum of the parts and are you supporting your leader to be better?

Do you make time for finding solutions together?

Some of the key questions (above) answered & messages (below) from the interview with Brad Eisenhuth for the 20th video of the series “#GlobalLeadershipHypothesis – what makes a great leader?” are

❇️ Capacity to listen first

❇️A lack of humility can hold leaders back

❇️Giving others a sense of belief in their willingness to grow

❇️Leadership does not start at the top

❇️Values fit is crucial

❇️Start with the end in mind & what makes the biggest difference now

❇️Creating experiences for others & focus on how they feel

❇️ Maximise quality of communication

How do you think differently❓


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