**Do our people know what we want them to do?**

Posted on 02/12/20 at 01:12 PM

“Do they believe it is the right thing to do?

Do they have the right skills and the ability to deliver?

Are they motivated and inspired to do it? #Leaders play a very critical role in assessing all these questions” Arif Kamal from the 24th video of the series “#GlobalLeadershipHypothesis – what makes a great leader?”

Great leaders empower the people going on the journey with them, so they are motivated enough and inspired to deliver themselves. Leaders recognise they need to delegate and can’t do everything themselves.

Other elements of the conversation:

❇️Own motivation & certainty on your capabilities and abilities

❇️ Inspiring, confident and a good communicator

❇️ Leaders create more leaders & aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty

❇️ Someone is never too junior to play a role or contribute

❇️Getting answers & unlocking the brilliance of the team

❇️Fear of the unknown holds leaders back

❇️Adapting & viewing failure as doing things differently

❇️Being a lifelong learner & thrive on change

❇️Importance of establishing culture through role modelling

❇️Start change by behaving differently yourself

❇️Start change by behaving differently yourself

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