**Are you deadline-driven or people-driven❓**

Posted on 27/07/20 at 03:12 PM

Sometimes deadline-driven leaders forget to pay attention to the people around them. They miss the conflict, miss spotting social loafing (when the team is carrying a non-performing member), aren’t aware of the culture in the team and focus only on doing instead of the primary objective - leading.

I think we may be excused (short-lived) from this as our training in accounting articles sets us up that way. It set me up that way too. Luckily, I had an employee who told me I wasn’t leading and just doing – which rocked my perfect world & pulled me out of my predetermined autopilot.

This week I release the 12th video “#GlobalLeadershipHypothesis – what makes a great leader?” with Aliyyah Abdullah. Highlights from her interview

❇️Anyone can be a good leader

❇️Introspection, reflection and knowing your limits

❇️Inspire people to challenge

❇️Thriving through a good network of people around you

❇️ Great leadership starts within

❇️Asking personable questions

❇️Busting our biases and assumptions

❇️Leaders create ripples

❇️Finance & the word Love

Where is your focus❓

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