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The Global Leadership Hypothesis podcast

Talita Ferreira
Nov 2020
Visit my dedicated podcast on The Global Leadership Hypothesis. What makes a great leader? We all have a hypothesis about what makes a great leader. We are on a mission to find a common thread through interviews with CEO’s, Chairman of Boards, finance professionals, influencers, thought leaders, leadership consultants and many more.
Podcast - #166: How Finance Culture Eats Strategy for breakfast

26 June 2019
Interview with Andrew Codd for his show "Strength in the Numbers" Topic: #166: How Finance Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast with Talita Ferreira
119 Living from the inside out, with Talita Ferreira

A Brilliant Gamble with Blaire Palmer
30th April 2019
Talita Ferreira was Chief Finance Officer and Chief HR Officer of BMW UK and BMW Financial Services until about 2 years ago. The next step, if she had decided to stay on her career trajectory, would have been CEO. But instead she decided to go it alone.

The Outperformer
25 October 2018
Two words that are used to describe finance leaders by the non-finance leadership community, captured in our recent research survey. Of course, this is not all a reflection of all in finance, but too common not to take notice. Talita Ferreira, ex CFO of BMW UK & Ireland understands the shift in reputation well. Once a finance leader who often could overpower the business with intellect, deep knowledge of the numbers and a capacity to quickly find an answer, she soon realisedthat her business were allies, not competitors. Adopting a new approach in her role at BMW, her leadership thrived, as did her passion for the change she was able to deliver. This lead to her following this passion in a different way, launching Authentic Change Solutions. In this webinar, they explored: The risk finance leaders can fall into by assuming the business are ‘idiots’ The importance of empathy, and how to demonstrate this as a finance leader Strategies for elevating personal leadership in a busy finance function. Consciously changing your finance brand to improve effectiveness
Lead More Authentically in Finance and Accounting with Talita Ferreira

Andrew Codd
30th March 2018
There are two types of people in Finance & Accounting, those who struggle to keep up with all the changing work requirements, new digital technologies and how best to keep up with it all, and those you see to have a good fit between making an impact work whilst also being happy with how their careers are progressing. The difference between these two types is ultimately knowing how to develop a better balance and fit between your work and your life. Today's guest mentor Talita Ferreira is a high-achieving former CFO who is also the founder and CEO of Authentic Change Solutions which is a Management Consultancy centred on a philosophy of Authenticity and Authentic Change. In this episode we cover: • The two main challenges for the CFOs she mentors. • Top tip on how to deal with Fear and Vulnerability in Finance. • Why the route to HR is important to Finance (either partnering or leading). • Deconstructs her POWER model to become more Authentic Leaders.
IOD Digital Academy interview

Institute of Directors
6 October 2017
Snapshot of Talita's interview with Tim Flagg
Interviews after 16th Feb 2017 workshop

Talita Ferreira
16th Feb 2017
Living and Leading Authentically
Snapshot of 16th Feb 2017 workshop

Talita Ferreira
16th Feb 2017
Living and Leading Authentically



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