Living and Leading Authentically

14 October 2017

What will I gain?

The workshop will help you to understand how inauthenticity can lead to stress and burn out and will help you to connect to your natural resilience and flow. This workshop is for you, if you are feeling like you have no time for yourself; overwhelmed by the demands of working and private life but you have more to give and want to add more value. We will help you to understand the effortless flow that can be achieved between the various elements of your life; work, family and relationship dimensions.

This workshop will help you as a leader to connect more deeply to yourself and to your team members. The workshop delves into the research on emotional safety and trust in teams and helps you to understand and foster this. It will provide you with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for other people.

We use the principles of Authenticity and the Authenticity POWER® model, helping you to connect to your Authentic POWER® and taking your Authenticity Pulse® to know where you are on your journey.

We will help you harness your confidence as a leader; in all aspects of your life, work and/or your private life. The Authenticity POWER®model helps us to recognise the state of doing that makes us feel grumpy and disconnected. It shows us how to rather live in a state of being where we are successful, connected and impactful leaders.

The Programme is designed to challenge your current thinking and behaviour; whilst being fun and inspiring.

Strategic goals of the event

  • Understand the Authenticity Dilemma in the world today
  • Explore a unique new definition of authenticity and the elements of theThe Authenticity POWER Model®
  • Evaluate your current Authenticity; self-awareness, core, connected relationships and purpose driven collaboration
  • Understand how to be a more impactful, trusted, connected leader
  • Evaluate the impact on your experience of the world, how you connect and collaborate
  • Understand the relationship between Authenticity and true Leadership
  • Understand the importance of psychological safety and trust in leadership and performance
  • Take your “Authenticity Pulse®
  • Define your Authenticity Leadership Charter

You will experience

  • Insight into the most advanced thinking on leadership today
  • In-depth understanding of the Authenticity POWER model®”
  • Take an “Authenticity Pulse® to determine where you are on your journey
  • Learn to connect with and create more purpose driven relationships/connections
  • Network with like-minded people who share a desire to live Authentically
  • Support, coaching and pragmatic tools to implement post programme
  • Time to reflect and evaluate

What our attendees say about the programme

  • The theory and the activities really brought it to life. Both facilitators made it so real by sharing their stories.
  • I really found both of you engaging, you really managed to create a very open environment.
  • Made me realise that I am authentic. The Language used was great and helped me to realise that I can make my dreams come true. Thank you for an amazing day.
  • Completing the Pulse was particularly useful, I enjoyed the whole day.
  • The first part was most valuable - the state of doing vs being was very interesting.
  • Self-awareness and “Authenticity Pulse® created the space to get clear on new challenged that have come up so I can now see the blocks I could not see before.

About the event

  • Please arrive by 9.00am for a prompt 09.30am start through to 6pm
  • Lunch and refreshments will be provided
  • Dress code, be comfortable and Authentic
  • Venue – ONE ALFRED PLACE, Alfred place, London, WC1E 7EB
  • Nearest Tube Station: Goodge Street (approx. 3 mins walk)
  • Nearest Train Station: London Euston (approx. 15 mins walk)
  • Nearest parking: NCP Car Park London Woburn Place Coram St, WC1H 0ND (Approx. 7 min walk away)

How to Book

Tickets to this event are £119.00 plus VAT and fees per person and there are only 40 places available.

Book before the 15th August and receive a 20% discount. For group bookings of 3 or more attendees to a maximum of 10 people there is a 20% discount. Bigger groups can be negotiated.

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